Friday, July 6, 2007

Resistance is futile

Well, I was the facilitator for the blog module, so I suppose it's only fitting that I'm the last one to post something. So let's get this over with.

I wouldn't say I've been avoiding posting my thoughts on blogs and the technologies included in these modules, it's just not something that comes naturally to me at this point. I come from the "keep your head low and don't draw attention to yourself" school of thought which is the antithesis of many of these technologies.

I understand that there are those who feel a strong desire to be connected 24/7, to share their experiences, to feel part of a community, it's just that I don't currently share that desire. It's just not who I am.

All joking aside, I'm looking forward to the upcoming modules, playing around with some of these things and seeing what they can do. If not embracing every aspect of some of these new technologies, then at least learning to live more comfortably with them and finding new ways to enhance the work we do with students and faculty.